Getting started with the Amazon Alexa Service

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re completely new to developing for the Amazon Echo, Dot and Show using Amazon’s Alexa skill so hopefully this will be a straight forward enough guide to get you started.

Create a developer account with Amazon and log in. If you’ve already got a Amazon account just use the same login details for ease. you can sign up at


1: Click the “Alexa” tab


2: Click “Get Started” on the Alexa Skills Kit


3: Then the “Add a New Skill” button


4: Now we can set up our demo skill. I’m only going to show the basics to get you started. If you want to know more about the fields click the help links or search on the Amazon Developer portal.

Select “Custom Interaction Model“, select your “Language”, a “Name” (Anything is fine here) and finally the “Invocation Name” (important as this is used to identify your skill from any others on your Alexa device)


5: Click “Save” then “Next” to take you to the “Integration Model” and “Skill Builder” section.

Use the “skill builder” it will walk you trough adding your invocations so click that and then click the “ADD +” button to add our own intent. As you can see the builder has already added 3 of the built in skills needed for certification (and best practice) to allow users to stop, cancel and get help for each skill. These are AMAZON.StopIntent, AMAZON.CancelIntent and AMAZON.HelpIntent


6: Add the new intent, I’ll call this one “myDemoIntent“, this is the intent your code will listen out for to run a particular function. Next click “Create Intent


7: Time to add some utterances, don’t worry it’s simpler than it sounds, just add some sentences that people would ask Alexa to get the content of your skill.


8: When you are done adding all the utterances you require click “Save Model“, then “Build Model” (this could take a minute or 2) once complete click on the “Configuration Tab


9: Time to add our endpoints. This is where Alexa will send it’s requests for your skill. You need a valid SSL certificate (self signed is ok). When complete click “Save” then “Next


10: Select the certificate that matches your setup then click “Next



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