There are loads of examples using node.js and AWS Lambda but relatively few using simple PHP and a self hosted server so I thought I would explore this avenue. It took a couple of days to get the basics but had so many simple errors/mistakes that when searching Google everyone seemed to be having so finally decided to create a site to share some tips and experiences.

I’ve been coding as a hobby (back in the days of the BBC B, Acorn Electron, Spectrum and Atari’s) and professionally for over 35 years now having been lucky enough to be born into a tech savvy household in the 70’s. My dad was an engineer and my mum was a programmer for the Daily Mirror.

Luckily I’ve been involved with some great projects over the years like being one of the Core Developers for the Mambo Content Management System and the first person to write a live system to use the UK Government Gateway Payment Engine.

I have a broad range of skills from working in multiple sector that’s has allowed me to become in numerous languages, databases, Content Management Systems, integrations, application servers and security.

Having friends who work as Amazon developers I often have access to new ideas and code before they become mainstream which is great but for some reason I’ve only just started developing Skills for the Amazon Alexa Echo devices.

Hope the following Amazon Alexa PHP tutorial examples help others. If they do please share the word 🙂